New York maxi sleeve

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Quilt Kimono

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Our quilt collection is a treasure trove of handcrafted masterpieces, each one a unique expression of artistry and warmth. These quilts are more than just pieces of fabric stitched together; they are a testament to the skill and creativity of the artisans who painstakingly crafted them.

Every quilt in our collection is made with love and attention to detail. Each stitch is carefully placed, and every fabric chosen with care, resulting in one-of-a-kind creations that you won’t find anywhere else. These quilts exude a cozy charm that can instantly transform any space into a welcoming haven.

What makes our quilt collection truly special is its feminine touch. Soft, pastel colors, delicate patterns, and intricate designs are a hallmark of our quilts. They embody the essence of femininity, making them perfect for adding a touch of elegance and comfort to any room.

Gentle washing / separately in cold water
Do not bleach / Do not tumble dry
Made in India

maxi length

New York maxi sleeve

Size Guide 1

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New York maxi sleeve

Size Guide 1

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