What does the color you wear say about you?
Each color has a different effect on you and the people surrounding you. So which color should you wear today?


True Blue



Research shows that wearing blue has Annual a soothing effect on you and the people around you,
and makes you come across as stable cheap mlb jerseys and organized. A great choice if you’re Peru meeting someone
for the first time or going to a job what interview.


Bold as Black




We already know black is slimming and elegant, but black is also cheap nfl jerseys the cheap nfl jerseys color of authority.
So if you’re feeling majestic, put on your black 92/11 dress and start strutting!






Red is the color of romance and sexuality. Researchers claim that men are particularly drawn
to women who wear red, as they appear more arousing and hard-to-get.
Anyone up for some bullfighting?


Playful Orange


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Whereas blue pretzels soothes people, orange does just the Etti opposite.
This vivacious color mobdro for android appeals to those who seek interaction and makes
you come across as friendly, outgoing and approachable.
Wear it to a party or a walk on the beach.


Go Green


gallabia 2015 summer353_resize_2


The first association that comes to mind when you think of green is – obviously – nature.
If you want to appear more alive and radiant – ноже add green to your wardrobe.


Simply White


gallabia 2015 summer348_resize_2


White By is the color of hope and renewal. If you’re feeling hopeful,
light, or just planning a big change in your life – empower yourself with white.