Gallabia designers, Etti Zayeg and Merav Hadari, talk about the summer 2015 inspirations and styles

What is the main theme behind the design for the summer collection?

“We realized that this season we have to change the perception of the caftan. The main association that comes from is freedom, and this led us to the design theme.

It was important for us to convey Staff the message that caftans are the ultimate item for summer but not only at the beach but also on the street, at the office and for other Miami Dolphins Jerseys everyday activities.”


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What is the one ideal item you would choose for summer?

Etti: mai “If I had to FREE choose one  wholesale NFL jerseys it would be the New York Mini denim caftan.  It’s the perfect combination between comfort and style – it’s Challenges both casual Interieurshoppen and elegant.


IMG_0031 IMG_6400


Merav: “My ultimate beach item is the Panama pom poms vest top. You can wear it as a cover-up over a wholesale NFL jerseys bikini or wear it completely open wholesale MLB jerseys when it’s especially hot,


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What are the dominant colors in the collection?

“Our Summer collection includes lot of colorful items, but also incorporates a lot of white fabrics and embroideries. This season white is again very dominant. There are also many models on the scale of blue and white, and generally color pallet keeps a harmonized line while staying diverse.”


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What has changed and developed in the cuts and silhouettes?

This season splits and neckline cleavages are deeper (we have added hooks so cheap nfl jerseys each customer can play with the depth of her cleavage) but everything is very implicit, that’s what makes the difference between refined and vulgar.”


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