In Her Own Way
Meet Meital Sarel, 39, a Media Manager at Hi-Net Interactive, a mother of three, and an inspiration



What is the biggest change you’ve made so far in your life?


Becoming a mother. At that moment, every thought and emotion were all of a sudden more powerful and meaningful. I started thinking about my role in life and what I’m going to pass on to my children. I also had to find the right balance between parenthood and my personal aspirations and needs.


Has that change had any effect on the way you dress?


Yes, I wanted to wear clothes that would be perfect for any occasion. I wanted to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time, and not give one thing up for the other.


What inspires you?


People inspire me. Whether they’re role models who can inspire you to pursue your dreams, or people who remind you that you need to be thankful mobdro for android for what you have – even if at times it doesn’t seem like a lot.


What’s your addiction?


I wouldn’t exactly call it an addiction, but I love food and exploring new tastes.


3 things you would never be able to do without?


My family, a good night’s sleep and my truth.


What should every girl have in her closet?


Wow… a lot of things – g-string underwear, a plain white tank-top, and sweatpants to wear at home…


Complete this sentence: “this summer, I will wear…”


Whatever I feel like!


What’s your life motto?


Be humble. Give to those you love without expecting anything in return.