Meet Chen Ben Avi, 31, a multidisciplinary circus artist, the owner of Alegria Happy Productions, and an inspiration to us all


Photo by Rami Shechter


What is the biggest change you’ve made so far in your life?

I succeeded to overcome my emotional fears by overcoming my physical ones, such as climbing up on a 10 meters high trapeze. By overcoming my physical fears I was able to let go of emotional fears and make others happy – which is something I don’t take for granted.


Has that change had any effect on the way you dress?

Yes. I started wearing more comfortable and effortless clothes. I’m a bit of a tom boy. Even when I put on my work outfit, I give it a happy twist. For example, I can wear a chic outfit with Allstars sneakers or spice up my look with a unique piece of jewelry. All in all, it doesn’t matter what you wear, but what you bring from the inside.


What inspires you?

Inspiration comes from the lowest places in life. From pain and difficulty comes inspiration. In my line of work, you constantly have to reinvent yourself. Self-observation brings me inspiration and the ability to make my imagination come true. I believe that one of the biggest challenges we face is learning to love ourselves. But once you learn how to truly love yourself, the big picture becomes clearer. As long as you listen to your inner voice, you can achieve anything you want.

As for who inspires me, I would have to say Charlie Chaplin. ;-)


What’s your addiction?

Working out, even though I injured myself during my circus training. I’m absolutely addicted to the audience mobdro for android and making people smile, and I want to enjoy my time doing what I like for as long as I can, ‘cause I know I won’t be able to do it for the long run. Also, I’m addicted to M&Ms ;-)


3 things you would never be able to do without?

My family, my inner strength and my dream.


What should every girl have in her closet?

Big and comfortable panties! ;-)


Complete this sentence: “this summer, I will wear…”

Whatever feels good!


What’s your life motto?

Everyone dies, but not everyone lives. So live!